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WELCOME on the dark side of the Philippines

This website is created to bring attention to people they are innocent detained in the Philippines to help them to get their freedom back.

This site is NOT created for people who deserve to be there !!! We do not protect pedophiles, murders, drug dealers or other criminal individuals. This site is NOT created to offend any citizen from the Philippines and we can only recommend to visit the Philippines as tourist .. just don´t come on the idea to stay there for good .. watch out before you get blinded by the paradise .. there is a dark side as well.

We know it is hard to make the different, because they are sitting all in the same place. It is hard to make the different to explain that is so easy to get locked up in the Philippines with no hope to get the freedom back so fast. The common thinking is: „If you end up in a detention center and you expect the deportation, you must be criminal or you did something wrong against a Philippine citizen or government.. and so on and on.. „

The reality is different .. you can get locked up in the Philippines faster than you can imagine. It‘s simply enough someone announced you about a created story.. there will be no hearing.. there will be no proof .. in the first place your visa will be revoked .. in the second place they pick you up one day out of your happy life and you get detained in the „Bicutan Immigration Detention Center“ between murders, pedophiles and other subjects .. and suddenly everyone thinks you are one of them .. just that easy .. if someone keeps a case, true or not with a lot of money in the background .. you can stay there for years .. and don t believe that any embassy will help you … NO .. you are alone. If they can not bring the proof about a case against you .. they create one to keep you in.. If nothing works .. they open a case about overstay, even you have a valid visa .. they keep you in till your visa runs out .. you don t have the chance to renew your stay legal .. so you are illegal in the country .. and the case is created .. till this time you run out of money .. means you can not afford all the cost for food, medical help, or even your ticket to fly out in case your deportation will be confirmed .. and don´t think any embassy will borrow you the money for your ticket .. if all goes wrong and and you don t have good friends ( you will not have that much suddenly , because in their mind you are a criminal) .. you are done …… for a long time ..

We know .. every case is different .. we know the common view .. but we have to bring attention against a criminal, corrupt, inhuman system to make a change and to bring back innocent people their life and freedom back .. Please support our petition HERE and follow our BLOG

From Sherry Zimmer


Forgive me for contacting you in this manner. I am a foreign woman who lived in the Philippines for 13 years and have a love for the people and the place. I have watched, with great interest and admiration, your Presidency. You have given so much hope to everyone, particularly the poor, the disadvantaged, and those who wish more for the Philippines. Only you can do it. Recently I did the research on who mounted an email campaign against Mayor Benjamin C. De Guzman, who was used by Fr. Shay Cullen to propel himself onto the European stage. This was the first mention of the Davao Death Squads in Europe. My FB post of what and who the players are, and substantiating documents have been read by thousands of Filipinos both in the Philippines and abroad.

I have laughed when you have cursed, clapped when Mayor Sara Duterte knocked the hell out of a man who would not give her the two hours delay she wanted, so the people could save their few belongings, before their homes were demolished. I have also cried when I have seen you hold the wives of slain soldiers. I admired you when you went public with the fact that you were abused by an American Jesuit. It could be said that I am your biggest non-Filipino fan.

I waited, in anticipation, when on October 19th, you visited the jails run by the BJMP at Camp Bagong Diwa. I knew in my heart that you would see the conditions of the foreigners held in the Detention Center and start cursing again. It did not happen and I can only think that you were not made aware of the fact that it exists. A man of your compassion and sense of fairness would have gone ballistic.

The DETENTION CENTER is run by the Bureau of Immigration. At present, it houses 174 men and an equal amount of women. Many of them have NO CHARGES, NO COURT, NO FISCAL and NO HEARING. The majority are retired pensioners, senior citizens from all over the world. Some are even NATURAL BORN FILIPINOS with dual citizenship. These detainees have families, are married to Filipinos with children born in the Philippines. Some are even detained on trumped up charges because they know too much, even witnessed some of the corruption within the government. It would appear their detention is only to silence them - to be forgotten. 
As a former prosecutor and attorney, I know you will be enraged. The Detention Center is supposed to be a temporary holding area for over staying or illegal aliens yet, some of them have been there for more than 6 years - with no good end in sight.

Their conditions are deplorable, overcrowded, rats roam freely as the facility’s sewage is open in their tick infested quarters. They are fed food that is barely enough for a child, with absolutely no concern for religious or dietary restrictions. They have to pay for their own drinking water or be doomed to drink from the faucet.

I have personally sent funds for medicines for some of these detainees as their own Embassies do nothing for them. The Commission on Human Rights is a waste of time and budget. They talk big but do nothing. The CBCP has not even sent or assigned a priest to serve Mass.

Thousands have passed through this facility, some have taken voluntary deportation because they could no longer bear the horrific hardships they had to endure. These men are now torn apart from their Filipino families. Many of them hold on to the fact that they will fight this, as they are innocent of any crime and hopefully will triumph and be reunited with their loved ones.

I do understand the enormous pressure you are under and eliminating corruption is a great challenge, but many of these detainees are victims of an extortion racket of the Bureau of Immigration perfected during the Aquino administration by then Sec. Leila DeLima of the Department of Justice. 
For months, I have been writing some of their stories and posting them on Face Book. I am a Scotswoman and not used to begging but - I will go against my own culture and beg you to pay another visit to the Bicutan Detention Center.
With the greatest respect for you and your dream for a corrupt free Philippines,

I remain, your humble admirer.
Sherry Zimmer

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Close Bicutan Immigration Facility NOW!


Hundreds of foreign nationals are being illegally detained in Philippine Immigration detention facility at Bictutan for months, sometimes years, on trumped up charges.

Immigration detentions are needed in countries where refugees and asylum seekers fleeing wars zones and human rights oppression can be evaluated and integrated or differentiated from other economic migrants. But Bicutan Immigration facility does not hold one asylum seeker, one refugee or even one migrate worker.

So why does B.I. Bicutan hold 200 plus detainees?  The answer is simple:  Money!

Bicutan Immigration facility is NOT about displaced persons. Instead it is all about illegally extorting money from foreigners who are perceived as being rich, even though many of them are not.

Greedy BI officials will even go so far as to kidnap and hold foreigners to extort their money. Nobody is bailed by BI because it’s not good for business. Keep them as long as possible and make them pay. Safe drinking water is sold to detainees at double street price. The use of phones should be free to detainees under the Geneva Convention.

In addition, any trivial visa issue which could be dealt with in one or two days will take months or even years to resolve. What better victim can you have than one you can rob and then deport so there’s no come back!

Many of foreign nationals being detained are NOT criminals. Most of them simply overstayed their visa. A simple deportation should only take maximum of a week. But many of these foreigners have been held in detention for months, some of them years!

Your Senate knows the truth. Senators Drilon and Trillanes introduced a new Immigration Act last year to put an end to it. Under this new act BI will not be able to pick up innocent foreigners like they do and BI will have to deal with deportations in days, not years. They won’t be able to keep anybody for more than three months and all extraditions will have to be done without delays.

With the new Immigration Act we don’t need Bicutan. BI should never hold more than a handful at any time.

Bicutan is hurting all of us and the Philippines! Do you want a greedy few in BI to stop visitors coming to these beautiful islands? We need foreign investment for jobs. Why let a greedy few spoil it for all?

Please give us your support and help us press congress and the senate to enact the new Immigration law and close Bicutan now!

Sign up HERE