All Over Water


It seems conditions continue to deteriorate at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) Detention Center in Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan Metro Manila.

We hear violence broke out yesterday between a Nigerian and a Chinese national, over WATER. Only one Chinese was involved, and the only reason the other Chinese did not react or participate in the incident was because the Chinese national beat the Nigerian. Over 150 other Chinese nationals we are told stood ready to assist should the Nigerian have gained the upper hand. Our source went on to tell us the resident trustee had a great deal of difficulty putting a stop to the violence, also mentioned was the Chinese grow more restless and aggressive by the day.

There was a near riot Thursday over Chinese nationals being forced to pay rent for floor-space in the upstairs area of building 2. Our insider sources tell us the entire guard team had to go in armed with battons and sticks to quell the uprising.

It appears the obvious BI sanctioned policy of treating detained Chinese nationals like animals is beginning to bear fruit, as they are beginning to act as such. It may well behoove the powers that be in the BI establishment to remember the old expression. “If you mess with a bull sometimes you will get the horn”

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