Camelot’s Dungeon

OIC Warden Remiecar Caguiron, reminiscent of days of old, like a master, lording over a somewhat miniscule empire, and manipulating her band of thieves to commit extortion and a multitude of other crimes, yesterday inaugurated the new building constructed in the back of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Detention Center in Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan. In honour of this most auspicious occasion and to celebrate the majesty of the event, the admin staff were way too preoccupied with festivities to hand out the mobile phones of the detainees.

Since 1100h on Sunday the water in the men’s facility has been either completely off or turned so low that only one toilet/shower has water in the entire detention area. In short ladies and gentlemen and individuals who choose to be gender neutral, that means over 500 human beings are existing with 1 flush-able toilet. We are told the guards meantime are enjoying full water pressure, as they have clearly demonstrated by hosing down the entire area around the back to presumably keep the new building surroundings clean and sanitised.

The new building we are told was constructed without building permits and entirely with money forcibly extorted from detainees. We also learned Her Royal Highness OIC Caguiron and Lord Homer on more than one occasion stated that the new building was to be used as a visitor’s area for the detainees to receive family or loved ones. The reality of the situation sadly is, it is not for the benefit of detainees, it is “improved” office space, for BI employees self indulgence.

The vast majority of the detainees have been exposed to the lack of water, and temperatures are well into 30’s, the ” trash juice” that drips from the mountain of garbage covers most of the floorspace in the courtyard and is spattered over the feet and legs of many Chinese nationals who are unable to wash it off. Well over a dozen individuals are suffering from infected leg/foot wounds that are festering rather than healing.

On Sunday the entire Chinese contingent were led to the space in front of the admin office for a headcount. We are told en masse they refused to return inside the detention area after the counting. The guards literally had to threaten to start killing them to make them return to holding area.

Mabuhay ang kanyang Royal kamahalan mula sa Royal court ng Camelot OIC Remiecar Caguiron


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