Dirty Business

We are receiving daily reports of another nightmare situation developing in the notorious Bureau of Immigration (BI) detention facility in Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan Metro Manila Philippines As always it is as a result of immigration’s corruption, incompetence and greed.

We had heard that the 270+ Chinese recently confined for working without visas would be leaving last Thursday but they haven’t. BI had claimed they were all fugitives but they cannot be if they are negotiating for their release. It seems that BI negotiations with their employers have stalled because BI is asking P1Million per head to release them and their boss doesn’t want to pay and there is a new rumour that all 270 have had their passports cancelled.

What seems to have happened is that four Chinese fugitives at large in the Philippines were found by BI in a building full of Chinese workers and BI decided to arrest all of them. BI cannot miss the opportunity of a nice little earner! Some of the Chinese do apparently have valid work visas, and a few are even married to Filipinas and have valid visas although some do admit they have no work visas but this is no excuse to imprison all of them without any due process. BI hasn’t yet charged any of them or issued them with any paperwork at all in fact.

To make matters worse it has rained every day since the Chinese arrived and most of them are sleeping out in the wet because of the overcrowding, the ground is covered in “mud” which is actually liquid garbage, and as the Chinese don’t have much in the way of spare clothing and it takes two days for anything to dry they are permanently filthy.

Worse still there are only two toilets the Chinese can use so a line has formed 24 hours a day with at least 30 minutes wait and sometimes more than an hour. Frustrated by the endless lines they have started using the open drain

from the common area sink which is basically a stagnant trench across the communal space as a urinal and for pooping so human waste is just sitting there where they eat and sleep. The makings of an epidemic of typhoid or something equally nasty very soon unless something is done.

The guards we hear have started their old fun trick of shutting off the water every night. Imagine 500+ people using a hand-full of toilets with no water to flush and the whole place gets very nasty very quickly

– but it amuses the guards. A dozen or more Chinese are already sick with severe fever and have brought in their own Chinese doctor, possibly with the help of their embassy, and something like half of the Chinese are getting medication but the other detainees are getting nothing so flu and fever is spreading through the population

– but it amuses the guards. A dozen or more Chinese are already sick with severe fever and have brought in their own Chinese doctor, possibly with the help of their embassy, and something like half of the Chinese are getting medication but the other detainees are getting nothing so flu and fever is spreading through the population

Much of the frustration comes from the VIP status of the “pay to stays”. These are the mostly Korean criminal fugitives that BI should deport but instead allow to stay in privileged conditions for a share of the money they scam from innocent people across the world with their organised cybercrime. Koreans won’t wait in line for a toilet, they just push to the front and are adding to the insult by charging the Chinese to use “their” toilets! The new Chinese are very confused by this and why they can’t have their phones inside when the Koreans have theirs quite openly in front of the guards.

The Chinese embassy and a lawyer representing some of the Chinese we re old has made a complaint to the DOJ with more than a dozen points about the way they are being treated and have actually got the PNP inside to investigate. The PNP has removed the locks on the “Korean only” CR stalls and crossed out “Korean only” and written “For Everyone” and told the Korean’s to stop charging. But not the type to miss a scam the Koreans continue to charge a “mandatory donation” to go toward the cost of construction of more VIP rooms for them and staff.

The Chinese embassy doesn’t usually complain about the way it’s fugitives are being treated so these must be legitimate workers.

Visitation now takes place in the back (except for Koreans who continue to bring their girls inside on every visitors day.

Meanwhile OIC Ms. Money bags Caguiron screws whatever she can out of the place by, for example allowing the Korean to monopolize commodities for her cut. The Koreans have three prices now instead of two: base price for Koreans, roughly double for other nationalities, and triple for Chinese. Instant noodles that cost P50 outside are P120 to other nationalities and P240 to the Chinese, and then they charge them another P100 for the hot water! Everything that comes in is “taxed” by the OIC of course. Doesn’t this go further than abuse of her position for personal gain and amount to “institutionalized racism”?

As always the Koreans do not permit anyone to use “their” facilities so were charging the Chinese P3000/day to sit at a Korean “owned” table. When the Chinese replaced it with a table they bought themselves the Koreans charged P3000/day for the space.Naturally the unit’s scab who like to think he is the “detainee warden” had to get in on the act claiming he had been instructed by the OIC to collect the P3000/day from the Chinese and give it to her, so either the warden is charging the Chinese for use of common space or the “detainee warden” is scamming the Chinese in the name of the OIC.

The usual inequalities continue, for example the common area outside of Korean boss Daniel’s room has plenty of space with only one Korean sleeping there but no Chinese are allowed to sleep there because it is the Korean dining and nightime gambling space, which the OIC allows for a price. And of course the Koreans still have whole rooms they “rent” round the back for their exclusive use with prostitutes.

As always, BI never think through what they do and self interest comes before common sense or good judgement. Given the chance to pick up four Chinese fugitives they blanket-arrest 270 plus with no reason except to demand P1Million each for their release! How much of that P270+Million due you think would appear on the official receipts, 10% or n less. Most of it would of course go into the pockets of top BI personnel, or should we say members of the syndicate, yet they are too cheap to rent a proper space to house the Chinese in while they are being squeezed for hundreds of millions!

They forget we have seen it all before and some long term Taiwanese pay-to-stay fugitives have advised the Chinese to sit it out, the longer they are there the bigger BI’s problems get and the more the price will come down. Of course most of the workers are not happy about doing this, they know that there is an almost unlimited supply of workers in China to replace them and the company bosses are likely to think why pay P1M to get a worker released when he can be replaced for P10K. Many will give up waiting and accept deportation as they have done before just to get out of these horrendous conditions as unjust as that might be.


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