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Please see below press release by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, wherein they clearly state in the last paragraph that “Kaur will be deported for being an undocumented alien”

05 September 2019

BI to deport Indian couple illegally staying in RP

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is deporting two Indian nationals arrested recently in Caloocan City for illegally staying in the country.

BI Acting Intelligence Chief Fortunato Manahan Jr. identified the duo as Kuldeep Singh, 42, and his common law wife Manjeet Kaur, 49.

Manahan said BI agents arrested the couple at their residence along Dorotea Road, Grace Park, Caloocan City last August 30 on the strength of a mission order issued by Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente.

“We requested the mission order after our office received complaints alleging that the couple was engaged in usurious lending activities that prey on small Filipino traders and other residents of the city,” he added.

BI Intelligence Officer Jude Hinolan, who led the arresting team, averred that Singh resorted to “marriage for convenience” by faking his marriage to a Filipino citizen which enabled him to acquire resident status in the country.

Singh allegedly presented a marriage certificate purporting that he is married to a certain Filipina but the latter was neither present or could not be located when the BI agents went to his house.

“We suspect that the spouse named in his marriage certificate is fictitious as he could not pinpoint her whereabouts. Instead, we discovered that he was living with an Indian woman who turned out to be undocumented as she failed to show any document proving she is legally staying in the country,” Hinolan said.

The couple was later brought to the BI Detention Facility in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City where they are confined while undergoing deportation proceedings.

BI prosecutors have charged Singh with misrepresentation for falsely stating that he was legally married to a Filipina when he applied for a resident visa while Kaur will be deported for being an undocumented alien.


We concur fully that the couple were arrested and detained at the Bureau of Immigration Detention Center in Camp Bagong Diwa Bicutan Metro Manila, but what the press release fails to mention is that Kaur was last night under the cover of darkness and we assume outside of the high tech CCTV cameras, which allows Commissioner Jaime Morente to view the happenings at the click of a button, was released. We, are left asking, how is it possible for an alleged undocumented alien to be released instead of as the press release clearly states deported.

Enter Manjinder “James” Kumar who we have twice introduced to our readers, initially in 2016 and most recently on August 31, titled Indian Kingpin.

Alias James Kumar, acting as a fixer, fixed the release (not deportation) of Kaur for the payment of, we are told by our insider sources of 500,000 Philippine Pesos. It may behoove the Honourable Commissioner to take a short drive from his air-conditioned office and check on the whereabouts of Kaur, but we are sure that the high tech CCTV would have stored the images of the release, assuming of course the CCTV is actually functioning.

Anyone needs to get out of trouble with the NBI or BI, get in touch with Manjinder “James” Kumar needless to say prepare a substantial sum of money and he will undoubtedly be of assistance in his capacity as a member of the NBI Batch 32-5.

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